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Manish Pandey

Manish Pandey- 7+ years | 5000+ students

Bilingual in – Hindi

Specialist Subjects – English, Exam Preparation,

Behavioral Sciences, Personal Development


Shiwangi Panwar- 7+ years | 5000+ students

Bilingual in – Hindi, French

Specialist Subjects – English Grammar, Exam Preparation, Image Consulting

How you’ll learn English online with ELAN?

Step 1- Watch the learning video for the upcoming class and make notes

Step 2 – Complete the assignment

Step 3 – Join the LIVE Class for group discussions and speaking practice

Step 4 – Review your performance

To schedule a Counseling session:

  • Select the right answer as per your understanding

  • Attempt all questions

  • Do not leave the test mid-way.

When you finish, we will recommend courses based on your score.

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Extensive Pre-Intermediate Course

ELAN's A2 Online English Course is for those speakers who are below pre-intermediate and face challenges while expressing their ideas. This course is for those speakers who can understand a bit of English and can also write, but face challenges in writing accurately or correctly.

Extensive Intermediate Course

ELAN's B1 Online English Course is for those speakers who are at intermediate level. The course helps you to develop your fluency, pronunciation features and gives you an expanded vocabulary.

ELAN's Grammar Course

This course is for those who are already using English in everyday communication, but are under-confident and unsure of the accuracy of their sentences. This self-paced course is accessed on our multi-media online learning portal and is available for 1 year’s time.

ELAN's V&A – Voice Modulation Course

ELANs V&A Course is for those speakers who want to engage with their audience but fail to make an impact during presentations and public speaking. This course is also for those who have a strong Mother Tongue Influence (MTI) and would like become neutral English speakers.

ELAN's Speaking Course

ELAN's Speaking course offers a learner an environment where he/she can participate and speak to the best of their capacity. This course is unique of its kind and the difficulties of conducting such exhaustive speaking session are only in the hands of expert facilitators.

English for Kids

This course is specially designed for young learners below the age of 14. The course helps the tiny tots to become assertive speakers and communicate confidently in any social of formal environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you learn English online with ELAN ?

Learning English is now way more easy and comfortable than ever before. You simply have to login to ELANs online portal and access your lectures and LIve Classes. With a strong review mechanism, all our learners see a tremendous growth in their English fluency.

What are the system requirements for me to study online ?

To ensure you have the best experience in our sessions, we recommend that you download the latest version of your browser, Flash Player and Java software for free from the internet. You'll need an internet connection. You'll need a microphone, and speakers or a headset for your device. We'll help you get set up as soon as you join.

Is online learning as effective as physical class room learning ?

We believe it is better than physical classrooms. The regular time interaction with the trainer is more in online sessions, and the engagement is set considering that your growth responsibility is entirely on our shoulders now. In online classes, your journey is data driven and we believe holistic development is increased in a data-driven learning curve. Also, with honest feedback sessions and reviews, you are always in touch with the helping and fun trainers who are highly passionate to help you excel in your course.

Get away from traditional learning.

Join ELANs LIVE Online English Course and witness the transformation!

We dream of a digital India where quality education reaches the most inaccessible corners driven by digital learning.

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